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There’s a passage in Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises in which a character named Mike is asked how he went bankrupt. “Two ways,” he answers. “Gradually, then suddenly.” Disruption happens much the same way. Small changes aggregate, and suddenly the world is unrecognizable.

At Vymo, we’ve been at…

As a GMAT aspirant, it is quite normal to have questions on GMAT scores like,

“What is a good GMAT score?”

“What does it mean when a GMAT taker says that they scored a Q49 and V30?”

“What is a good GMAT score to get into Harvard?”

Don’t worry about…

With the internet giving voice to marginalised voices and connecting likeminded individuals, grassroots social movements are flourishing in tandem with a boom in populist politics

Man by nature is a political animal” Aristotle. Man, he argued, is more closely related to a chimpanzee than to a gorilla. In the…

Since there is less competition on IGTV, brands are more likely to stand out. Over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, and 83% discover new products through their feeds. Check out these 10 ways to use IGTV…

User Generated Content

The Marketing Funnel: Targeting each stage

Is the idea of creating IGTV videos overwhelming?

You’ve landed on the right page, thanks Google!

Optimised for mobile viewing, from just a minute an hour is what you experience on Instagrams’ IGTV only video application.

“I haven’t had to do a nine-to-five job ever in my life, and that is a very envious situation to be in if you like the wild. Life has been much like a river in that it picks you up and carries you along. I have got into things as…

Digitalization is no longer the next big thing. An omnichannel experience is now the standard for eCom and Payments, especially. Everyone wants to be connected in the most convenient way possible. In addition to each other. The design, personalization, and creation of content in mobile apps simplify daily activities.


How has the global pandemic accelerated digital transformation, and what kind of growth opportunities does that present for SaaS companies?

If you can sell a book, you can sell anything.

*No…*it cannot not be a stale statement. Let’s take an example:

Retail — Manufacturing — Ink

Writing inks were first…

In this blog, learn how you can streamline the advisor onboarding
process to:

  • Maximize earnings per advisor
  • Improve qualitative interventions
  • Reduce advisor attrition

Succeeding in today’s competitive albeit changing marketplace requires insurers to onboard advisors quickly while ensuring retention.

Empower your frontline advisors to hit the ground running from day…

Aishwarya Shankar

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