Personalisation in Retail: Real-time use cases for all marketeers

Personalisation in retail is changing how retailers reach, interact with and utilise data to optimise campaign journeys. A one-size-fits-all message is unlikely to have a high success rate, especially with customers today having a plethora of choices. In order to capture the full power of today’s advancements in AI, tech & digital, McKinsey reveals that personalisation in retail will be the prime driver of marketing success within five years.

With Capillary, the personalisation process has 3 key components:

  • Customer data, like location, browsing patterns, gender, engagement time, product affinity, store preferences, and more

Brands across the globe are increasing focus on offering the most relevant customer experiences. Here’s how personalising your campaigns can help increase the RoI you’re so looking to drive.

1. Increase emotional connect with customers — 1:1 behaviour-based interaction

2. Increase in-mail click rate with personalized CTAs

3. Increase newsletter’s impact across geographies with personalized time of delivery

4. Increase effectiveness of in-store sales promotions

5. Increase in-store sales with personalized POS offers

6. Multiply first time purchases with personalized product recommendation emails

7. Win back lapsation-prone customers with personalised messaging

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